OMNICRON is a Platform Designed to Build Businesses.
It's a consolidation of resources, documents, templates, & management systems to rapidly fulfill any business need.

A Fully Social Business Platform

Meet new people, Create Groups, Assign Tasks, Create Projects, Upload Files, Manage your Calendar, and much more - Socially.

OMNICRON allows you to literally build a business from the ground up, 

You can:
-Meet people to join your team
-Assign Tasks to anyone, invite people to your group, manage by calendar
-Use Templates for Graphics, Websites, Jobs, business documents, etc

-Create a Store front with Products, handle Invoices, and in-store Sales.
-Full Analytics dashboard to centralize all your data on & off the platform.

It's a fast, easy, beginning to end business solution.

Who are we?

OMNICRON is a Small, Passionate team of Creators.

We work to combine a Fluid Aesthetic Design, with Highly Complex Systems, to create Efficient and Intuitive Tools.

Our Mission

We aim to empower the people.

The platform is built to allow users to create vast networks, doing business completely among-st themselves in a de-centralized way, reducing costs, and inspiring a move towards quality.